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From Saint-Barthelemy to Miami...

True Saint Barthelemy insiders, Mimi and Greg are two food and hospitality lovers. They created in ... the restaurant "Le Piment Saint Barth".
The gastro-pub become one of the places to be in a small French island of Saint Barthelemy.
At "Le Piment" you can laugh, talk and drink in a friendly environment accompanied by tasty food and delicious drinks from breakfast to dinner.

Always willing to travel the world, Mimi and Greg visited Miami in 2016 with their two daughters Carla and Romane. The all family fall in love with the city: the lifestyle, the exceptional beaches, the unique art deco style but also a great opportunity to give a strong education to their kids and learn a different culture.
That's why they decided to moves to the sunshine state and bring with them their expertise and their own sense of welcoming clients to their restaurant.

With Pierrot, their old and close friend from Saint Barth, the family decided to create and to open "Le Piment Miami Beach", a unique venue in Miami Beach where the French Indies style and the feeling to be part of the family will not going to leave you indifferent...

Welcome to "Le Piment"!

Oops... I forgot to tell you: "Bring your dog, "Enjoy" the family dog, love to meet new friends"